Welcome to Native Spirit Foundation

Native Spirit Foundation is a non-profit, Volunteer-run organisation founded by Mapuche leader Freddy Treuquil to bring knowledge and awareness of Native cultures, and longer-term Community educational projects supporting Escuela Nueva.

“All the [activists] have come to the conclusion that one objective of making video, radio and television is for the other culture to know us. It is necessary to create a bridge to share our culture in an educational form, without losing our identity.” Freddy Treuquil.

Native Spirit Festival is the UK’s premiere and only Independent annual festival of films, talks and performances to celebrate cultural heritage, showcasing Indigenous Cinema, MediaMakers and Artists. 13 Moons and Outreach events take place throughout the year in collaboration with SOAS Native Spirit Film Society and other partners.

ANNOUNCEMENT! Native Spirit Taiwan 17-26 November South Taiwan
We’re delighted to announce our inaugural sister festival NATIVE SPIRIT TAIWAN taking place in South Taiwan, with local Indigenous Cinema and selected Shorts from International filmmakers. The festival organisers are Native artists, filmmakers and educators.

Taiwan comes to London with acclaimed producer ADO’ KALITING PACIDAL and singer/songwriter SUMING RUPI, both from Pangcah (Amis) tribe, at the screening of SUMING CARRYING THE FLAG on Saturday 13 October, 7pm at SOAS KLT. We are doubly-delighted to announce the International premiere of Ça Fait Si Longtemps 漂流遇見你 (It’s Been A Long Time) by Laha MEBOW, the first female aboriginal (Atayal) director from Taiwan. Screening Friday 12 October, 7pm at SOAS KLT and introduced by acclaimed musician and composer Special Guest Lin Guo-ting (Amis).

Programme updates 12th NATIVE SPIRIT FILM FESTIVAL 11-21 OCTOBER 2018

Still from 'As Hiper Mulheres' by Carlos Fausto, Leonardo Sette and Takumã Kuikuro

Still from ‘As Hiper Mulheres’ by Carlos Fausto, Leonardo Sette and Takumã Kuikuro